About us

There is a portion of the population that has a wealth of skills, but lacks the polish required to get their foot in the door. At Workforce Staffing Solutions, we handle the screening and interview process, and provide employers with quality, ready to work staff. 

We are a licensed temporary staffing and employment agency, and are able to help you meet your company's corporate responsibility mandate.

We know people, and we’re good at seeing the potential. We like to say we create right place, right time situations by placing the right person in the right job.

As a Social Enterprise, our mission is to provide employment opportunities to people who face barriers to employment. These are skilled, reliable individuals who, for various reasons, haven’t been successful in the formal labour market. We are here to open opportunities up to them, so they can reach their full potential. Through our partners in the community, we can provide wraparound supports, ensuring folks are able to start their path to success, whatever that looks like for them.